Monday, September 18, 2006

Let's just say I was "influenced" while I wrote my last post. No need to get into details.

The sound of morons screaming at eachother outside of my window is an excellent addition to the fact that I can never get this room lit just right. Right now I'm so agitated I could rip strands of hair out of my head one by one. I have no desire to tell the mongoloids to stop yelling at each other. It's good to listen to this shit I think, and realize what's actually there. They're screaming about not liking each other... it's really profound. I'm learning so much, like that this one dude was checking out this other dude's girlfriend, and that dude says that this guy said something about something... I don't fucking know. This is the most elementary screaming match on earth. I'm actually sort of enjoying it I guess.

I hate yelling. I never want to yell. I don't at all right now, but I wonder if I will once I have kids since my mom does so much. Yelling is absolutely fucking retarded. Anything you can say yelling will have a more realistic impact if you explain it in a logical way. Yelling just encourages an argument. No wonder so many kids hate their parents. You need to sit down with your kids and treat them with respect. Then maybe they'll do the same to other people in the future. Sometimes I can't wait to be a parent, but part of it scares the hell out of me too. I guess that's normal though.

What's weird is these are the prime birth giving years, so it's normal to have these instincts, but our society makes us go through a thousand years of school before we can actually support ourselves. Gawd bless Amerka. Why is a four year degree not "enough" anymore. Now everyone has to get a "masters." I guess it's good people are becoming more educated, but it's really not reflected throughout society. The entire institution of college bothers the hell out of me, to tell you the truth.

What really bothers me is how your bank account determines where you go to school. It's not really intelligence, or anything else. Basically everyone that goes to this school is upper middle class, it makes sense it's a state school. What's the main curriculum here, why education of course. Coincidence? I think not. You see folks, there isn't really social mobility. It's like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. All these upper middle class kids (myself included) are just going to stay upper middle class. Isn't that why we're here? So we have an 85% chance of being a lifeless tax payer.

Rich kids go to private schools, and slightly smarter rich kids go to Ivy leagues, and row boats, and eat vines for about 15 years. After all that they emerge as rich doctors, and lawyers. If you're rich life is aesthetically "awesome" and we're taught they deserve it because they've worked harder, and their pompous yuppy children deserve their fancy educations because their parents worked so hard for it. BULLSHIT- rich people don't work harder! You really think it's that hard to be like an obnoxious CEO, or a sleak wallstreet dick? It's just roles you fall into, because your parents sent you to this fancy school to do this fancy shit, so you can always be a fancy little asshole.

Poor people just get shit on. They're expected to "rise above" and if they don't succeed in this nearly impossible quest, and just fall into the motions of their surroundings which realistically- everybody does (ie- middle class kids become teachers and social service workers, rich kids become filthy CEO's and *cringe* lawyers) Same principle, poor kids become crack heads. Sorry Charlie, unless you're some amazing intellect who can oversee adversity in all degrees and are willing to work about 5,000 times harder than everyone else for about half what they get- you're screwed! Yay capitalism!!!! Isn't life awesome? Isn't this country awesome?

Look at everyone's big stupid houses, and obnoxious luxury sedans. It's all about "Hey look at me! Look what I made of myself" -dicks. No one deserves that shit. It's totally about status which doesn't need to exist.

"But Kelly, if it weren't for all the money involved no one would push themselves." -Hahahahaha. You actually believe that? You think for one minute people's big stupid egos aren't "motivation" enough. Everyone wants to be like "Yea, I'm a doctor. Actually, brain surgeon if you want to be specific. Growing up I always knew I was special..." -dick.

Some people consider me a cynic...


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