Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Fuck those things! Dude, I just gave away a half a pack and I'm so proud of myself. They are fucking evil for a multitude of reasons. None of which have to do with the fact that they kill you. They are this totally ridiculous, pleasureless activity that people feel compelled to do anyway. It's sort of like fast food. It's something you build up, and never meets your expectations. They are addicting, and totally mark you. You become a smoker. It's another sect of society. I know you could argue non- smokers are sects of society too, and that may be true, but at least they are marked by not doing something fucking retarded. I don't mind that. Today, when I was smoking a cigarette, I thought about how I'd be an idiot to continue any farther. People have to use patches and shit because they are so reliant on those little moron torches (I say that having smoked a lot of them, so try not to get too offended). Right now, I am in no way physically addicted, and can step away easily, so why not kill it where it lies?

And so I formerly announce: Cigarettes I am breaking up with you. No more occassional flings. You weren't that good anyway.


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